13000 साल पुरानी द्वारका नगरी की जानकारी आपकी होश उड़ा देगी

Why are the oceans in the sea at the confluence of the river and the sea? Mystery is standing in this city of the centuries, a magnificent temple where the worshipers are worshiped, the incarnation of Vishnu flows here, because it is the place where Lord Krishna is located in Dwarka Lord Dwarkadhyad India’s land of the ancient civilizations of the world spread over 65000 square kilometers on the west coast of Gujarat; Saurashtra is one of the few places of Maruboom On the other side, greenery and on the other side is the Arabian sea.

This is the area where it dwells. A historic city connects the faith and history of the Dwarka Gomti River and the Arabian Sea; Dwarka population is less than 50000 people in this city in different periods -It has seen different rulers who have seen this, the first historical mention of Dwarka to Rajput Maratha Mughals and the British, strengthen the six-year sacrifices in Bhavnagar of Gujarat Ta Ha has always been God’s house for the devotees. With the house, one of the holy towns and villages has a separate place of Dwarka.

Dwarka has been called the gate of salvation in the texts, it is said by Shri Krishna that it is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Many names of Krishna have many forms and their every form is worshiped. They were born in Mathura jail but their father Vasudev took them for their protection. While the cow grazing the grapefruit with the stalking Radha and the Gopis, raas leela, and then killed his brave King Kans of Mama and Mathura, due to his father-in-law repeatedly attacking Mathura, he came to Saurashtra with all the people and Dwarka Barsaai became the charioteer and guide of Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata; He gave Gita knowledge and the principle of action given to the world.

Connects with western India says that Krishna had taken land from the sea to come to Dwarka bus, and the creator of the gods fell down from the huge walls constructed of Vishwakarma, the best example of the urban architecture of gold. After this year of Gandhari, the vast Nehru gave Dwarka According to the Harivansh Purana merged in sea, Krishna had left Dwarka even before the destruction of the city of Dwarka.

After this, after leaving his Param Dham, Vaikunth, in the seasons of the ancient civilizations, the tales of merging in trees and trees also came in 1979, forced so many people to think that there was no hidden history in these stories, so really Mahabharat by a historical site and his team.

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